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Mohamed Imran Ahmed


H. Mirza, M.I. Ahmed, M.F. Elahi
Circularly Polarized Compact Passive RFID Tag Antenna.
5th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering ICECE 2008, 20-22 December 2008, Dhaka, Bangladesh Link  

M. I. Ahmed, Y. Arai, M. Idzik, P. Kapusta, T. Miyoshi, M. Turala
Measurement results of DIPIX pixel sensor developed in SOI technology.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, vol. 718, 2013 pp 274-278 Link  

M.I. Ahmed, S. Glab, M. Idzik, P.J. Kapusta, M. Turala
Prototype pixel detector in the SOI technology.
Journal of Instrumentation, JINST 9 C02010, February 2014 Link  

M.I. Ahmed, Y. Arai, S. Glab, M. Idzik, P. Kapusta, T. Miyoshi, A. Takeda and M. Turala
Characterization of high resolution CMOS monolithic active pixel detector in SOI technology.
Journal of Instrumentation Volume, JINST 10 P05010 2015 Link  

Conference materials

T. Miyoshi,Y. Arai, R. Ichimiya, Y. Ikemoto, A. Takeda, M.I. Ahmed and SOIPIX Collaboration
P-in-n and n-in-p sensor performance study of SOI monolithic pixel detectors.
The 8th international "Hiroshima" Symposium on the Development and Application of Semiconductor Tracking Detectors (HSTD-8) December 05 - 08, 2011 at the Activity center of Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan Link  

M.I. Ahmed,Y. Arai, M Idzik, P. Kapusta, T. Miyoshi, M. Turala
Measurement results of DIPIX pixel sensor developed in SOI technology.
12th Pisa Meeting, 20-26 May, 2012 on Advanced Detectors La Biodola, Isola d Elba (Italy) Link  

T. Miyoshi, Y. Arai, M.I. Ahmed, P. Kapusta, Y. Fujita, R. Ichimiya, Y. Ikemoto, K. Tauchi, A. Takeda
High-Resolution Monolithic Pixel Detectors in SOI Technology.
PIXEL2012, 6th International Workshop on Semiconductor Pixel Detectors for Particles and Imaging September 3 – 7, 2012 in Inawashiro, Japan Link  

M. Szypulska, M. Dwużnik, P. Wiącek, A. Skoczeń, T. Fiutowski1, M. Jędraczka, J. Dusik, M. I. Ahmed, W. Dąbrowski, P. Hottowy, E. Kublik
Modular ASIC-based System for Large-Scale Electrical Stimulation and Recording of Brain Activity in Behaving Animals.
MIXDES 2016, 23rd International Conference "Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems", June 23-25, 2016, Łódź, Poland


M.I. Ahmed, H. Palka and M. Idzik
Tests of monolithic CMOS SOI pixel detector prototype INTPIX3.
Internal Note, IFJ-PAN Krakow (SOIPIX) Link  

M.I. Ahmed, M. Idzik
Performance of INTPIX3 A and B sensors.
AGH-UST and IFJ-PAN, Krakow Poland Link  

M.I. Ahmed, M. Idzik and M. Turala
Draft on DIPIX2 FZ-(n,p) and CZ-n.

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