Department of Applied Nuclear Physics

Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science

AGH University of Science and Technology

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Department's Head:  prof. Kazimierz Różański


            Research activities of the Department of Applied Nuclear Physics cover selected topics of nuclear physics and its applications in areas such as environmental sciences, material sciences as well as industrial applications of nuclear methodologies. Moreover, the Department is responsible for two specializations being thought in the framework of the Technical Physics discipline offered by the Faculty at B.Sc. and M.Sc. level.  

Scientific and Research Groups:

Environmental Physics Group  - Head:  prof.  Kazimierz Różański

     Scientific activities of the Environmental Physics Group (EPG) are centered around problems associated with the use of natural variability of isotopic composition of light elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen) in environmental research, in particular related to cycling of water and carbon in the environment. Both stable and radioactive isotopes are being employed. In addition, methodological developments focusing on various analytical methods associated with determination of natural radioactivity levels in various matrices (rocks, soil, water , air, biological material) are pursued. EPG is active in the field of atmospheric physics, with emphasis on research of atmospheric trace gases contributing to greenhouse effect.

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Nuclear Methods Group  - Head:  prof. Andrzej Kreft

     Activities of the Nuclear Methods Group (NMG) are focusing on following research areas:
(i) development and applications of analytical techniques based on interactions of neutrons with matter,
(ii) investigations of atomic and molecular processes in isotope mixtures of hydrogen and helium induced by muons, with emphasis on muon catalysis, and
(iii) investigations of flow and transport processes using isotope tracers and sealed gamma-ray sources.

Functional Materials Group  - Head:  prof. Jarosław Pszczoła

      Research activities of the Functional Materials Group (FMG) comprise investigations of electric and magnetic properties of various functional materials. Measurements of electric resistivity, thermoelectric power, magnetostriction, magnetoelectric effect, Mössbauer effect on iron and dysprosium, as well as calculations of electron structure of materials are performed. Moreover, FMG is conducting synthesis of functional materials, intermetallic compounds, oxides, monocrystals, polycrystalline materials and composites.