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9.4.2 BGP Peer commands

In a router bgp clause there are neighbor specific configurations required.

— BGP: neighbor peer shutdown
— BGP: no neighbor peer shutdown

Shutdown the peer. We can delete the neighbor's configuration by no neighbor peer remote-as as-number but all configuration of the neighbor will be deleted. When you want to preserve the configuration, but want to drop the BGP peer, use this syntax.

— BGP: neighbor peer ebgp-multihop
— BGP: no neighbor peer ebgp-multihop
— BGP: neighbor peer description ...
— BGP: no neighbor peer description ...

Set description of the peer.

— BGP: neighbor peer version version

Set up the neighbor's BGP version. version can be 4, 4+ or 4-. BGP version 4 is the default value used for BGP peering. BGP version 4+ means that the neighbor supports Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4. BGP version 4- is similar but the neighbor speaks the old Internet-Draft revision 00's Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4. Some routing software is still using this version.

— BGP: neighbor peer interface ifname
— BGP: no neighbor peer interface ifname

When you connect to a BGP peer over an IPv6 link-local address, you have to specify the ifname of the interface used for the connection.

— BGP: neighbor peer next-hop-self
— BGP: no neighbor peer next-hop-self

This command specifies an announced route's nexthop as being equivalent to the address of the bgp router.

— BGP: neighbor peer update-source
— BGP: no neighbor peer update-source
— BGP: neighbor peer default-originate
— BGP: no neighbor peer default-originate

bgpd's default is to not announce the default route ( even it is in routing table. When you want to announce default routes to the peer, use this command.

— BGP: neighbor peer port port
— BGP: neighbor peer port port
— BGP: neighbor peer send-community
— BGP: neighbor peer send-community
— BGP: neighbor peer weight weight
— BGP: no neighbor peer weight weight

This command specifies a default weight value for the neighbor's routes.

— BGP: neighbor peer maximum-prefix number
— BGP: no neighbor peer maximum-prefix number