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3.1.1 Basic Config Commands

— Command: hostname hostname

Set hostname of the router.

— Command: password password

Set password for vty interface. If there is no password, a vty won't accept connections.

— Command: enable password password

Set enable password.

— Command: log stdout
— Command: no log stdout

Set logging output to stdout.

— Command: log file filename

If you want to log into a file please specify filename as follows.

          log file /usr/local/etc/bgpd.log
— Command: log syslog
— Command: no log syslog

Set logging output to syslog.

— Command: write terminal

Displays the current configuration to the vty interface.

— Command: write file

Write current configuration to configuration file.

— Command: configure terminal

Change to configuration mode. This command is the first step to configuration.

— Command: terminal length <0-512>

Set terminal display length to <0-512>. If length is 0, no display control is performed.

— Command: who
— Command: list

List commands.

— Command: service password-encryption

Encrypt password.

— Command: service advanced-vty

Enable advanced mode VTY.

— Command: service terminal-length <0-512>

Set system wide line configuration. This configuration command applies to all VTY interfaces.

— Command: show version

Show the current version of the Quagga and its build host information.

— Command: line vty

Enter vty configuration mode.

— Command: banner motd default

Set default motd string.

— Command: no banner motd

No motd banner string will be printed.

— Line Command: exec-timeout minute
— Line Command: exec-timeout minute second

Set VTY connection timeout value. When only one argument is specified it is used for timeout value in minutes. Optional second argument is used for timeout value in seconds. Default timeout value is 10 minutes. When timeout value is zero, it means no timeout.

— Line Command: no exec-timeout

Do not perform timeout at all. This command is as same as exec-timeout 0 0.

— Line Command: access-class access-list

Restrict vty connections with an access list.