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5.10 Show RIP Information

To display RIP routes.

— Command: show ip rip

Show RIP routes.

The command displays all RIP routes. For routes that are received through RIP, this command will display the time the packet was sent and the tag information. This command will also display this information for routes redistributed into RIP.

— Command: show ip protocols

The command displays current RIP status. It includes RIP timer, filtering, version, RIP enabled interface and RIP peer inforation.

     ripd> show ip protocols
     Routing Protocol is "rip"
       Sending updates every 30 seconds with +/-50%, next due in 35 seconds
       Timeout after 180 seconds, garbage collect after 120 seconds
       Outgoing update filter list for all interface is not set
       Incoming update filter list for all interface is not set
       Default redistribution metric is 1
       Redistributing: kernel connected
       Default version control: send version 2, receive version 2
         Interface        Send  Recv
       Routing for Networks:
       Routing Information Sources:
         Gateway          BadPackets BadRoutes  Distance Last Update