zebra  [ -bdhklrv ] [ -f config-file ] [ -i pid-file ] [ -P port-number


       zebra is a routing manager that  implements  the  zebra  route  engine.
       zebra supports RIPv1, RIPv2, RIPng, OSPF, OSPF6, BGP4+, and BGP4-.


       -b, --batch
              Runs in batch mode, zebra parses its config and exits.

       -d, --daemon
              Runs in daemon mode, forking and exiting from tty.

       -f, --config-file config-file
              Specifies  the  config file to use for startup. If not specified
              this option will likely default to /usr/local/etc/zebra.conf.

       -h, --help
              A brief message.

       -i, --pid_file pid-file
              When zebra starts its process idenifier is written to  pid-file.
              The  init system uses the recorded PID to stop or restart zebra.
              The likely default is /var/run/zebra.pid.

       -k, --keep_kernel
              On startup, don't delete self inserted routes.

       -l, --log_mode
              Turn verbose logging on.

       -P, --vty_port port-number
              Specify the port  that  the  zebra  VTY  will  listen  on.  This
              defaults to 2602, as specified in /etc/services.

       -r, --retain
              When the program terminates, retain routes added by zebra.

        show interface
        show ipforward
        show ipv6forward

        interface [IFNAME]
               no shutdown
               ip address [IP-ADDRESS]
               description [DESCRIPTION]
               no multicast


              The default location of the zebra binary.

              The default location of the zebra config file.

              If  the zebra process is config'd to output logs to a file, then
              you will find this file  in  the  directory  where  you  started


       This  man  page  is  intended  as  a  quick  reference for command line
       options, and for config file commands. The definitive document  is  the
       Info file zebra.


       The  zebra process may log to standard output, to a VTY, to a log file,
       or through syslog to the system logs.  zebra  supports  many  debugging
       options, see the Info file, or the source for details.


       References to other related man pages:

       ripngd(8), ospfd(8), ospf6d(8), bgpd(8), zebra(8), vtysh(1)

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