V. B. Belyaev, A. Bertin, V. M. Bystritsky, V. M. Bystritsky, A. Gula, O. I. Kartavtsev, A. V. Kravtsov, A. V. Luchinsky, G. A. Mesyats, L. A. Rivkis, N. A. Rotakhin, A. A. Sinebryukhov, S. I. Sorokin, S. G. Stetsenko, V. A. Stolupin, A. Vitale, and J. Wozniak. New proposals for the investigation of strong interaction of light nuclei at super low energies. Nukleonika, 40(2):85-99, 1995. [International Workshop on Exotic Muonic Complexes: Experiment, Theory. Cracow, Poland. Committee of Sci. Res. 27 Sept.-5 Oct. 1993].
Abstract: Two projects of the experimental study of nuclear reactions between light nuclei (p, d, t, He, Li, Be) in the region of very low energies are presented. The first proposal deals with nuclear fusion reactions in charge-nonsymmetric muonic molecular complexes such as 3,4He-d-μ , 3,4He-t-μ, 6,7Li-p-μ, 6,7Li-d-μ, 6,7Li-t-μ. In the second one we consider a new approach to the measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections of light nuclei (p, d, t) in the range of 0.01 - 2 keV, using high intensity radially converging ion flow generated during linear implosion in plasma with the use of high power pulsed generator. The choice of experimental conditions has been made and lower limits of the measured values (fusion rates and cross sections) have been estimated. (23 References).