Data selection Select range of interest
Correlation Auto correlation, Cross correlation
RTD Evaluation and analysis of RTD by FFT procedures
Fast Fourier Transform Forward, Backward FFT
FFT Filters Low pass, High pass and Band pass
Moments RTD description, Moments, optionally using exponential tail's fit 
Maximum finding Find maximum of distribution
Background Remove constant background level or                                                       Remove variable background distribution
Calculations Influence of the tail fit
Log File Every operation and its results are save in the log file
Fit Fitting normal or asymmetrical distribution to the selected range of data
Graph creation Single click access to 2D graphs
2D graph Line, scatter
Print Active graphs with description
Import *.dat and *.cut - ASCII data files,                                                                        *.lin - binary data files
Data Size Data set size limited only by the machine memory
Search Position of the maximum and its value
Data Smoothing Adjacent averaging (moving window), 
Data Exploration Displays data point coordinates, Data Marker sets data range for analysis
Win 9x/NT/2000/XP At least 5 MB HDD, 16 MB RAM, SVGA