Data Analysis Software

Corelab3 is designed to analyze results of measurements. It especially fits to radioisotope investigations of industrial flow processes, due to application of spectral and correlation analyzes. 

Results of any experiments using non impulse tracer injection or varying background radiation, as well as measurements base on sealed radioactive sources, may be easy processed. Moreover, the software helps in elimination of noise and disturbances from recorded signals, which allows derivation of the most probable Residence Time Distribution and lump parameters of the process. For example, due to signals recorded in two cross sections of a flow, the software enables to determine the transport delay distribution that is essential for detail velocity analysis. Measurement
Result Signals recorded in the input and output of the process make possible to calculate impulse characteristics and deliver data for modeling them. Graphic presentation of data makes easier processing and interpretation of the results. Moreover, using the software gives huge acceleration and automation, especially during great number of data processing. The software works with Win9x/NT/2k and perfect fits for processing of statistical signals consisted of several thousand data.

Corelab3 was designed by M. Tondera & M.Dziegielewski under supervision of  L. Petryka
Help for this software was prepared by G. Majtyka
Attached examples of its application were gathered up by R. Keblowski & E. Nowak.