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1. Technical data on investigated fabrics and their enlarged photographs

The micrographs of the fabric (Fig. S1, S2, S3) were done with use of scanning electron microscope PHILIPS XL30. The samples were prepared by sputtering a thin layer of platinum to assure the electrical conductivity.

Fabric I: Manufactured by NBC INDUSTRUIES CO., LTD, 2-50-3 Toyoda, Hino, Tokyo 191, Japan.

SymbolTL 59M/150click to enlarge

Fig. S1. Photograph of fabric I
Type of fabricpolyester monofilament screen
Type of weaveplain weave 1:1
Mesh (number of threads) 150 per inch, 59 per cm
Basic periodd = 25400 μm/150 = 169 μm
Mesh opening (size of the pore) w = 118 μm
Open area49 %

Fabric II: Manufacturer and symbol undetermined.
The data given below are derived from diffraction experiments (d) and electron microscope photographs.

Type of fabricpolyester monofilament screenclick to enlarge

Fig. S2. Photograph of fabric II
Type of weavetwill 1:2
Basic periodd = 67 μm
Mesh opening (size of the pore)w = 27 μm
Open area16 %

Fabric III: Produced by Sefar Holding Inc., Freibach, CH - 9425 Thal, Switzerland
All data given in table are quoted from the company leaflet (available at

SymbolPET 1000 190/480-31W TWclick to enlarge

Fig. S3. Photograph of fabric III
Type of weave twill 2:2
Mesh (number of threads) 190 per cm or 480 per inch
Basic period d = 25400 μm/480 = 53 μm
Mesh opening (size of the pore) 16 μm
Thread diameter nominal 31 μm
Open area 9 %
Fabric thickness 55 μm ( ± 3 μm)
Area weight 41 g/m2
Colour white


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